To The Girl Dad

Remember when you started dating your daughter’s mom?

I bet there was some sort of adventure— a special dinner, a show, a picnic or a gallery. Little did you know you were appealing to her sense of adventure. It made her feel alive, and it cast you as a potential suitable co-voyager to more future endeavors.

Every girl has a sense, no an urge to adventure. Your daughter will live by hers. In one afternoon, she’ll seamlessly morph from a magical fairy to skilled physician without effort. To a little girl, the morning sun promises a day of boundless adventure, and all that’s needed is a co-voyager. The one who takes that title will inevitably be offered the key to her heart. She hopes it’s her dad who fills that role…but only for now. Eventually there will be other offers, and one day you will give her hand to one of them.

The moment you became a girl dad, is the moment you were offered an adventure of a lifetime. It’s not just captaining her imaginary ship, nor ruling as king over her land of make believe— the invitation of adventure extends far beyond the playroom. The quality of adventures you embark on will set the bar for future applicants to her heart. Engage and captivate her curiosity, you set the bar high for her next co-voyager. Disengage, and she may be looking for the next warm body no matter how suitable they may be.

It’s commonly expressed that females are an enigma. Whether there’s truth to that or not, don’t buy that to excuse disinterest to her life. She wants adventure, and she will adventure. She came to give you one. Take the invite, dream up ways to enliven the experiences.

What you have now is a short little window—one you will look back on and relive only in memory. This little window has the potential to determine how she adventures as a woman, and who she chooses as co-voyager. The key to her heart will go to the one she adventures with. The day she was born, was the day you were chosen. Girl dads aren’t for the faint of heart, nor are they for the lazy. Channel your whimsical side, set that bar high, and savor every chapter.